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Deadline (2020, 15 January)
Sony / Cleopatra Entertainment has obtained the North American distribution rights to Get Gone.
Voyage LA (2019, December)
Meet Rico E. Anderson
Gruesome Magazine (2019, 12 DEC)
Review - Get Gone: A Fresh Spin On The Urban Legend Horror Subgenre
Horror Fuel (2020, January)
DVD Review: Get Gone
The Scoop LA (2020, 18 JAN)
The 7th Matrix (2017,11 March)
RUNAWAY - Sci-Fi Short film spotlight and review. (2016, 10 March)
Rico receives the Best Actor Award for "Dreams My Master" at the (PIFF)
Krypton Radio (2015, August)
Movie Review: ‘Star Trek: Renegades’
Los Angeles Times (2010, Feb.)
Theatre review: 'The Ballad of Emmett Till' at the Fountain Theatre
This Stage Magazine (2010, Feb.)
A Table Well Set: Celebrating Life at the Fountain
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